Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Topaz Moon

October was so busy I missed doing an update for the Butterfly Moon. Now it's November, and the winter garden is planted, while the last remnants of the summer garden are running out of time before our first freeze, which usually occurs around Thanksgiving.

The sweet potatoes look good on top, but I'll see how good they did underground when it's time to harvest them right before the first frost.

The peppers are making a lot of fruit now that it's cooled down. I might have to make another batch of fermented hot sauce this year to use them up.

I'm glad that my artichoke plant is growing back. I was sure it had died over the summer, but as soon as it cooled down in fall, new sprouts appeared around the dead stump.

The eggplants have also starting fruiting again. This variety, Rosa Bianca, just hasn't been doing that well for me. I think it needs too much water, or something. Maybe I'll finally get a few good ones before it freezes, but I don't think I'll grow this variety again.

The Calico lima beans also started making more pods when it cooled down. I hope they also ripen before it freezes. These are the only plants in the back that survived the summer.

Now, on to the newcomers to the garden.

I have a patch of root crops such as radishes, carrots, and turnips in the front. They seem to be doing well, except for a lot of Bermuda grass invading around the edges.

I planed collards and other greens, and as usual, they're getting eaten up a lot by caterpillars and probably won't be safe until a freeze kills the bugs.

The garlic is just starting to sprout. I had to lay wire over them because the neighbor's chickens kept digging in the beds.

The peas are doing well. I planed Tall Telephone and Dwarf Grey Sugar this year.

By the next full moon the garden will have frozen!

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