Friday, October 24, 2014

A Newly Emerged Rhinoceros Beetle

The post from this blog with the most pageviews of all time is this post about finding all these rhinoceros beetle grubs around the dead English Ivy in the front yard when we first moved into this house. This morning I found a newly emerged adult crawling around on the compost pile. I often find the big white grubs in there when I turn the pile, so I'm sure this is one of those grubs all grown up. He was nice and shiny and new-looking like he just emerged from his pupa. I can tell it's a he because of the horns behind his head (female beetles don't have horns).

If this doesn't prove these beetles are harmless detritivores, I don't know what will. I never find the grubs anywhere except where there is rotting vegetation, such as in the compost pile or under piles of leaves or mulch. I think this one probably matured deeper down in the pile where the compost is more finished, then crawled his way up to the top where I just threw some fresh onion skins, banana peels, etc. I don't think they like to actually eat stuff that's fresh.

I think they're really cute with their club-shaped antennae, and how they slowly crawl along like a little wind-up toy.

Yes, I know I missed the last full moon garden update. Just was too busy, and finally decided it's too late (since it's already the new moon now). I'll try to post something about how my winter garden is coming along some time this weekend.

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