Friday, February 21, 2014

The Mockingbird Moon

Last week was the Mockingbird Moon, but the blog post is a bit delayed because I was so busy working on the garden, I was too tired to blog about it!

Here's what I was working on.

We got a load of manure compost from Gardenville and topped off the raised beds in the front with it. Next I'd like to work on the pathways between. I plan on putting down landscape fabric and then cedar mulch on top of that. But right now they're ready to plant in, and that's good because I have these...

Pretty soon it will be time to start planting things like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. It hasn't frozen again since we had that little bit of snow. In fact, it's been quite warm, with some days getting into the low 80's. I put all the seedlings outside and they seem to be loving this weather.

I'm afraid the peppers didn't make it through the winter. These peppers survived last winter, but this time they don't have any signs of life, despite my efforts at covering them with a frost blanket during each freeze. I'm going to give them some more time, just in case, but if they don't sprout back after we've had a bit more warm weather like this, I'm afraid it means I won't have any three-year old pepper plants.

The artichoke seems fine, though. I seem to remember that artichokes are supposed to flower during their second year, so that means maybe this year I'll get some buds.

When we got the compost, I went ahead and covered the potatoes over with a layer of it, and they're already poking through again. The ones that I planted later and weren't hurt by the last freeze are doing better than the ones I planted earlier that got frozen back. I'll have to see how that translates into yields once they're ready to harvest.

The multiplier leeks I transplanted are recovering nicely. It looks like almost all of them made it, and they perked right up.

The garlic also looks fine. I put some compost on them too, so they can get some more nutrients from it.

The peas in the back got a little damaged by frost, which surprised me a little. However, they're growing back already, so they should be fine.

The greens in the back are not doing as well. I just haven't had luck growing greens for a long time. I don't know if they're not getting enough water or it's too cold or what. They just seem to be growing very slowly, and it won't be much longer before it's warm enough for them to start getting eaten up by bugs again.

The fava beans are the best looking things in the back garden. The warm weather has encouraged them to put out more blooms. I hope this turns into a good harvest of beans.

Next month is March and time to plant warm-weather crops! I've already got what I'm going to plant all picked out.

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