Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring and New Beginnings

The Spring Equinox was earlier this week, and it's a New Moon today.

Not coincedentally at all, I'm getting married on Saturday! Yes, Daniel and I are finally making it official and tying the knot.

Nature seems to be smiling on us as well, even though the mountain laurels were early this year, so the flowers are already gone and we won't be able to use any for wedding decorations like we had hoped for. But we did have a big thunderstorm come through on the actual equinox, and then things cleared right up, and Saturday is going to be warm, sunny and beautiful, while all that rain has insured that we'll have plenty of flowers and greenery surrounding us at our outdoor wedding.

There's even a second rose growing on the rosebush in our new yard, just in time!

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