Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain for the Summer Solstice!

Tuesday was the Summer Solstice, and that night, the shortest night of the year, a great big Texas thunderstorm came rolling through and dumped 2.63 inches of rain on us. It was glorious!

There's one of my rain barrels filling up after being dry for a month. This is going to help with those water restrictions since it doesn't apply to rain barrel water.

My plants were so wilted it took a while for any of them to perk up, but they did end up getting a good. It got really humid after the rain, and the rain lasted long enough to soak in good and deep, so the moisture is lasting a long time in the soil.

It may have come too late for some of my plants. Here are my brown and crispy Bloody Butcher tomatoes getting rained on. Don't know if they'll be able to come back. However, the tomatillos, bell peppers, and watermelons perked right back up after that rain and are still looking good.

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