Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

They're forecasting a low of 34 tonight, and a low of 22 tomorrow, so this morning before Thanksgiving dinner I harvested the rest of my cushaw squash, which Daniel insisted I pose triumphantly with, holding the biggest one.

I haven't counted them yet, but my wheelbarrow was overflowing by the time I was done. The nozzle from the hose is included in this picture for scale.
Here they all are, not counting the one we've already eaten. That squash ended up being made into three pies and two dozen muffins. That was just ONE squash. We're going to be eating squash all winter and perhaps into spring.

We also picked all the rest of the jalapenos and needed a cloth grocery bag to carry them. They look like they're ready for Christmas, all red and green. First I was thinking I had enough to make another batch of jalapeno jelly, but now I realize I have enough to make a few batches of jelly and/or a lot of pickled jalapenos.

I hope that the rest of you are enjoying bountiful harvests this Thanksgiving, whether literally or not!

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