Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Peach Harvest and Salsa Amarillo

Last week my CSA farmer invited me to pick peaches in exchange for taking some of the bruised ones home that wouldn't sell at the farmer's market. I ended up with an overflowing box of them. I'm not sure how many pounds I got, but it was a lot. I had to scramble to use them up before they rotted.

I made a couple of different jams, Peach Cardamom Jam and Peach Rum Preserves. I went ahead and left the skins on my peaches when I used them. The skin is so thin, I don't think it does any harm.

Also made a celebratory peach cobbler, and filled up the dehydrator twice over with peaches (stored the finished ones in the Mason jars shown here). It was hard to not eat all the dried peaches straight out of the dehydrator!

And finally, being a chile lover, I made a little concoction I'm going to call Salsa Amarillo, or maybe I should call it Salsa Melocotón, but I like Salsa Amarillo. I've heard of Salsa Roja (salsa made with red tomatoes) and Salsa Verde (salsa made with tomatillos), but I haven't heard of Salsa Amarillo, and a Googling only came up with a recipe that was the same as tomato salsa except it used yellow tomatoes instead of red.

My yellow salsa is special because it's made with peaches along with the yellow tomatoes. I modified this recipe, halving all the amounts just in case it didn't turn out well, using yellow pear tomatoes from my garden, yellow bell peppers from my CSA bag, and ripe orange Serrano peppers instead of green jalapenos. I thought since the peaches were pretty sweet, this salsa could stand up to some extra heat, because sweetness tends to mellow out chile heat.

I ended up with five 12 oz jars of salsa plus a little more to eat as soon as it was chilled. It was really tasty, but could have used more heat. It was only medium-hot, and I was going for a pretty hot salsa. I think next year I won't halve the recipe, and use orange Habaneros instead of Serranos to make it good and hot.

I love peach season. When I have my own place I am definitely planting peach trees.

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